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I've blogged my trip to Utopia over on Eithin. There's an LJ feed I set up, at [livejournal.com profile] eithinarts, which'll apparently be updated in about twenty minutes from the timestamp on this post.

Warning for some of my readers: in that post, I talk about eating one of the chicken flock there. No photos.

I'm most likely going to be using that blog for most substantive purposes, but I'm not moving off Livejournal entirely, so if you enjoy reading my blogging either add that or put the RSS links into your favourite feed aggregator. (Let me just put in a good word for Bloglines here, it's what I use.)
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I'm now signed up to go off to the wilds of Scotland between July 23rd and August 7th, for an experiment in post-energy-crisis survivalism. I anticipate farm work, art, and cooking to be involved.

[Edited to put in link to my previous post on this.]


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