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I've joined [livejournal.com profile] cat_scradle (which has unfailingly had me wondering what a scradle is - answers on a postcard please) which is a new community set up in response to comments on Cat Valente's "What do you need?" post. (Summary: many, many people commenting saying "I need help publicising and marketing my Etsy shop, and with artistic questions & encouragement." CV: "All of you should make a community.")

It's looking really good so far, so if you have an Etsy shop then you might want to consider joining up. My own Etsy shop, which I've been updating and gardening today, is here.

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Jul. 15th, 2009 12:54 pm
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For a country that's simultaneously in the middle of two wars, a pandemic, and a serious recession, most of the population are really quite relaxed. Or obsessing over something completely different, of course.

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Which of these two pictures best represents the way the human race understands existence? Black stands for what we know, white stands for what we don't know.

NB: These are intended to be viewed on a white background. So any overall squareness you may see in the second picture is purely an artifact of the medium.

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I made this (original blog post) a while ago, and have been thinking about some others in the same style.


The question is, how far is it OK to go here? The technique positively requires tearing up printed matter.

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...is when using a Tory party election leaflet to save you having to handle it seems like a good idea.

However, it did stir a slothful attempt at minor political activism... which was foiled by Hope Not Hate being useless.

It's a nice idea, but they seem like a bunch of flailing incompetents. I wanted to download an A4 poster image, that I could print out and stick in the front window. You'd think that would be a no-brainer for them, hm? "I want to give you free advertising with no effort whatsoever on your part." After the six-pointless-steps-to-send-a-form-letter episode I had from them the other day, this is irritating me unreasonably.

What they do want to do is mail me ten posters if I pay them £3.00 (including P&P, at least) or 100 for £20.00. And they don't specify the size of their posters anywhere, either. Really very helpful, isn't it...

I mean, I can see the win for them in getting people to hit the streets and convince others to display posters. However, that's not me - the cost-benefit analysis comes down firmly on the wrong side of that for me. And it's not as though they're making any noticeable profit on those posters - it'd cost me as much as the highest per-unit price there to print out my own onto half-decent paper.

Anyone in a sensibly contiguous London location got some? Or, alternatively, are there enough sensibly contiguous people interested to make it worthwhile ordering a batch? (I'm not going to faff around mailing them to people I can't meet up with.) They do have badges too, but if the total goes above £5 then I'm going to want micropayments in return.

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Feb. 26th, 2009 01:26 pm
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I'm interested in what you think poverty means. Because of who I am (and, frankly, who you are) this is mostly about poverty in the context of rich countries. Warning: may be triggering for some.

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Sep. 29th, 2008 03:35 pm
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Time for an experiment, I think. I shall comment on the results and the reason for said experiment at some stage soon.
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Upon doing laundry today, I observed that I possess rather a lot of socks. So today's question is:

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I've been seeing valentinr buttons all over LJ today. Well, in a few places, anyway. I don't intend to sign up for it, on the basis that I want to pretend I'm not that much of an attention whore, but the number people were getting got me thinking. Just whom do you send them to, anyway?
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