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I'm rather impressed that all of these are things I've actually written about on one blog or the other. My readership may still be rather small, but it's - um, it's niche. Clearly.

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1 4 11.11% tigana chapter notes
2 2 5.56% b-
3 2 5.56% drag-
4 2 5.56% relief printing with acrylic paint
5 1 2.78% -
6 1 2.78% book depository
7 1 2.78% bookdepository
8 1 2.78% bujold or vorkosigan or chalion -genevieve
9 1 2.78% che el alto
10 1 2.78% cilgwri celli gadarn
11 1 2.78% cold iron in myth
12 1 2.78% dianora di tigana
13 1 2.78% drypoint and pin press
14 1 2.78% eithin
15 1 2.78% floating islands of logris
16 1 2.78% genetics of wizardry
17 1 2.78% gold texture paper
18 1 2.78% iron in mythology
19 1 2.78% irons in the fire mckenna
20 1 2.78% japanese vinyl printmaking block
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I wrote a story last night, and have just posted it under a new filter. If you're interested in reading it and any future fiction I might post, please indicate interest in the traditional manner! I've pre-populated the filter a bit, but tried to be parsimonious so as not to spam too many people without an invitation to. If you see a story in the post immediately preceding this one, you're on it.

This first one is fantasy, more or less; others will probably vary quite a bit. I like comments, especially specific ones.

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Jan. 2nd, 2010 04:51 pm
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As many of you know, I keep two other blogs - Eithin, for art & design (both showcasing my own work and commenting on others'), and Cold Iron & Rowan-Wood, for SF & fantasy reviews and rambling discussions.

What I don't have on either is any kind of useful blogroll, so I would like to solicit your assistance, O my friends. If you have a blog or a portfolio/gallery/archive/promotional site you'd like me to link to, please put the name & URL in one or the other box below (or both, if it's relevant to both - or if you're unsure which, put it in the Eithin box) and I shall link to it. Unless I don't, but I probably will. Only sites you write for, please, unless it's your child or partner or something and they don't read this journal. I've set the poll results to be hidden, so don't worry about people (other than me) being able to associate your LJ and URL from it.

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I've started blogging elsewhere-too at Cold Iron & Rowan-Wood, because I wanted to write about SF in a different sort of way. Mostly, I intend to ramble about things that annoy me. There's a proper rationale here, and a couple of longish posts, because I wanted to make sure I had enough to talk about before I started telling people about it.

I am making no guarantees of regular updates, comprehensive coverage, actual competence at criticism, or indeed anything at all.


May. 3rd, 2009 08:15 pm
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I'm just back from a wonderful holiday in the Western Highlands, and I want to write all about it, but first I'm going to crosspost something about Dreamwidth.

I'm there under the same username as I am here.

At the moment, it's looking like I'll be migrating there as much as possible, but continuing to cross-post some/many things to LJ. I'm strongly considering disabling comments on the post copies here on LJ, to make sure that conversations don't get split. Since I've imported my friendslist, OpenID means that all my LJ friends who don't do DW can read & comment there (including the appropriate locked and filtered posts) under their LJ identities. Do people have any opinions on that? (I've actually done that on this entry, to use as a test - the corresponding Dreamwidth post is here.)

My paid account time on LJ runs out on the 4th of August, so when that rolls around I'll either be re-upping here or switching to a paid account on DW - that will give me plenty of time to decide, and I still have poll capability here if not useful iconage.
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Hi, I'm Sam. If I just friended you and you're confused who I am, we probably met at the weekend. Alternatively, if we met at the weekend and I haven't friended you, remind me!


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