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I was, mostly at random, reminded of a previous post I made, a brief snark comment on the death penalty. I should also note at the top here that it quickly turns into rambling about books instead, though.

[Other point I was originally going to make, about why some people support the death penalty so strongly, excised because I can't yet find a way to put it that doesn't turn into a sneer.]

I think I may have it, now, so bear with me, Gentil Reader, while I ramble. or not )
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Reading http://www.bofh.org.uk/articles/2003/08/01/the-fine-art-of-complexity-management last night, it occurred to me that a lot of the programming I'd been doing (and seeing) on the Disc was very similar in approach to some of the things and working practices I learnt in the theatre.

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Anansi Time

Oct. 3rd, 2005 09:57 pm
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You know that feeling you get, when you just know that you could do anything you wanted that night, because the world is exactly the right shape to fit in the world-shaped hole you have - you know, that one, right there.

Or possibly it's the other way around - but that means admitting you were the wrong shape to begin with, and who wants to do that, so let's stick with the hole we have. It's not all that nice, but then what did you expect you'd find when you dug a hole? Sky and fluffy white clouds? Most times, all you find down holes is dirt. If you're lucky, you get worms. So the world fits in pretty well, and you know something? It looks good on you.

The classical metaphor for this mood is surfing, catching the wave just at the right moment and riding that narrow line of sweet water. But I've never done that, so I'll refrain, and use a homelier metaphor instead - cross-country riding, you have to balance just right, ride the movement and keep yourself on top of the curve, and when you feel the horse take off - well, you know how they always say, it feels like flying?

The first time I flew, leastways the first time when I was old enough to appreciate it, I thought, this feels like showjumping. And the great thing is, you don't have to come down again for ages.


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