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This is partly just as a note to myself so I remember what I did.

The problem is that I keep forgetting what day and/or date it is, so I wanted a program that would provide a better clock display than the built-in one, ie. one that showed the correct day and date without my having to go look for it. Ideally, of course, I want it to be a proper updating clock, but a cron job that pops up a window saying 'Today is Saturday the 5th of February' for me to see when I got up in the morning would do just fine too, and require less immediate programming.

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Haven't used a shell properly for years, apart from the Disc's frankly broken implementation. So I'm trying to get used to it again, and I thought I'd take the opportunity to start on bash rather than tcsh, which was what I always used to work with back at York and at Cranfield. After all, flexibility's good, right? And since I'm going to have to get used to speaking Debian at it rather than Irix or Sunspeak, I may as well go the whole hog.

A quick tour through man bash to check that it used sh syntax rather than csh - ah, fi and esac, how I missed thee - and away we go.


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