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Couldn't see my usual doctor today, so I had an appointment with someone I'd not seen before. She had a final-year student with her, so I suppressed the usual "answer the questions I need to to get my new medication" reflex and went into everything. The student asked a few questions about the medical certificate I needed, so with luck he's learned something about the disability benefits system - I'm very much more than willing to take a few extra minutes to help future GPs learn how it works!

And more than anything, I like their willingness to help. "How long is this for? - Dr A gave you two months? I've put three, to be on the safe side."

The most I'd managed to get out of anyone before going to this practice is a month at a time, and that grudgingly, so this has really cheered me up.
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From [livejournal.com profile] ewin - A note on depression.
Chronic depression does not kill merely through suicide; your body and mind also take a powerful hit every time it strikes. Depression is exhausting and painful. It shifts the balance of chemicals in the brain, and if it lasts long enough, it can cause damage to the brain, making that imbalance permanent. It's hard on the heart, the glands, the digestive system, it's hell on the immune system, bad for circulation.
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This is one of the best discussions of the effects of depression and SAD that I've seen in a long time. For those of you I haven't discussed these things with, I basically get the same thing as the OP describes (and them amplifies on in comments; the comments there are good and useful): depression - which is not at all the same thing as unhappiness - most of the time, and an extra layer of it comes along with the cold and the gloom.


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