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I spent most of yesterday at the ABTT Theatreshow at the Royal Horticultural Hall. This was both a corporate day out and a family day out, since Illuminati is both - my father, my sister, and I. Director, technical manager, and lighting designer respectively, according to our visitor badges. We do theatre lighting, show work, installations, events, and, well, anything else going in the same area, especially if it's quirky, unusual, and bizarre. Past projects I've worked on have included Shakespeare reinterpretations, outdoor art installations, restaurant refits, The Warp (the only 24-hour play in the English language), and the one and only Rose Theatre.
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Jan. 19th, 2006 07:37 pm
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It's been a long-standing story in my family that we're descended in direct line from Niall of the Nine Hostages. New research shows that, in fact, quite a lot of people are.

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And with a day and a half left to go, we have yet another family member in hospital - my father this time, with what might be a very mild stroke. Apparently there are no symptoms other than memory loss, and that's returning.
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Today was the last funeral service for Meg, my grandmother - we'd already had one, but since a lot of her friends hadn't been able to attend, we decided to make an occasion of it when we went to scatter her ashes. We went out to Springwood, near West Bergholt - my grandparents founded a naturist camp there in 1953, and all their children were brought up going there, in three acres of old, dense woods. My sister and I went there in turn, and eventually when my mother died in 1997, we scattered her ashes in those same woods, and planted a rose tree for her.

I went over to look at it, as one does, and - well, I'll let this picture speak for itself.


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