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I'm rather impressed that all of these are things I've actually written about on one blog or the other. My readership may still be rather small, but it's - um, it's niche. Clearly.

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3 2 5.56% drag-
4 2 5.56% relief printing with acrylic paint
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6 1 2.78% book depository
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8 1 2.78% bujold or vorkosigan or chalion -genevieve
9 1 2.78% che el alto
10 1 2.78% cilgwri celli gadarn
11 1 2.78% cold iron in myth
12 1 2.78% dianora di tigana
13 1 2.78% drypoint and pin press
14 1 2.78% eithin
15 1 2.78% floating islands of logris
16 1 2.78% genetics of wizardry
17 1 2.78% gold texture paper
18 1 2.78% iron in mythology
19 1 2.78% irons in the fire mckenna
20 1 2.78% japanese vinyl printmaking block
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Turns out Google have decided to "change the way they support FTP publishing", which is to say they're going to stop supporting it. This means I have to migrate Eithin to a new platform - what they're suggesting is to use either a Blogger/Blogspot hosted one, or buy a special domain name for that-and-only-that.

Neither of which work for me; I have a perfectly good web host, with other things on it, and I actually quite like having code there. Since the web host provider gives me Fantastico for software, I can have Drupal, Mambo, Joomla, or Wordpress without any problems. I already have one Wordpress instance, for CIRW, so I'm not sure whether to go with that again (it's certainly better and easier to use than Blogger) or to migrate the currently-via-Blogger blog & a few standalone pages into a proper CMS which will then give me more of a platform to expand. Wordpress would be very well specified for what I'm currently doing, but I'm hesitant to either run two installations of it or deal with the hackery necessary to run two blogs from one.

I've never used any of the other three before, but I'm pretty good at this learning curve business. Obviously, I'm going to do some poking around, but since I have a fair few web geeks amongst my readers - do any of you have any opinions on these options, or suggestions of other things I haven't considered?


Dec. 16th, 2008 10:48 pm
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Since I've added quite a few friends since the last time I did this -

I keep another blog at Eithin, in which I talk about art & design, and post things I've done or been working on. (I do printmaking, painting, drawing, calligraphy, some photography, and basically some of anything else that catches my eye. There's a gallery here, which I update from time to time with what I think are the keepers.)

I do sell originals or prints, and will usually be happy to take on custom orders or specific projects if anyone's interested. The digital versions are CC:BY licensed (unless I've given a photo credit, as here) so they're free to reuse, modify, and generally muck around with so long as you link back to my original.

There's an LJ feed at [livejournal.com profile] eithinarts, too.

Have a work-in-progress picture, too. (Flickr link - the original post is here.) It's an attempt to represent the firework dragon Gandalf summons at Bilbo's birthday party, as it might appear if The Fellowship of the Ring were a mediaeval illuminated manuscript. (Incidentally, Pauline Baynes got her start on illustration with some reinterpretations of manuscript marginalia.)

Dragon 1 - WIP

It's currently sitting on my workboard with the first colour coat - red, naturally - drying.
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This is just a quick note for those of you who aren't reading [livejournal.com profile] eithinarts to say I've added some more pictures of things I made to the gallery. Here's one for your delectation - a T-shirt done through the magic of acrylic paint and masking tape. Some of you may recognise [livejournal.com profile] gnillot who was kind enough to spend an evening modelling for me.

T-shirt & choker

More ideas for designs or styles are very welcome, as are requests - time's a bit tight for mailing things for the Christmas season, but if you live locally it's eminently possible. My rates are very reasonable indeed.
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I've blogged my trip to Utopia over on Eithin. There's an LJ feed I set up, at [livejournal.com profile] eithinarts, which'll apparently be updated in about twenty minutes from the timestamp on this post.

Warning for some of my readers: in that post, I talk about eating one of the chicken flock there. No photos.

I'm most likely going to be using that blog for most substantive purposes, but I'm not moving off Livejournal entirely, so if you enjoy reading my blogging either add that or put the RSS links into your favourite feed aggregator. (Let me just put in a good word for Bloglines here, it's what I use.)


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