Sep. 20th, 2008

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  • Blocking ads with Google Chrome - the one reason I didn't bother downloading Chrome before was because I couldn't see a way to avoid ads. Just testing this now. (Uses Privoxy.)
  • You can drag a tab from a Firefox window and drop it into a Chrome window, and it shows up perfectly. This rocks.
  • Will test & expand on this later, probably.
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Spinoza's argument, summed up crudely and imprecisely and shorn of the chop-logic and sophistry, runs thusly:

God : Universe :: Mind : Brain

Now, this brings up some odd questions, both practical and ethical.

  • Is it ethical for a concept to question the mind in which it's hosted?
  • What's the status of the concepts in our own minds?
  • Has this analogy been stretched to breaking point yet?
  • Is Satan a pink elephant?
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Mostly asleep; not up to partying. Which is a shame for two reasons.

On the upside, this looks potentially interesting. Even if most of their website is out of date and I'm not 100% sure the professor whose research interests I'm eyeing up is actually still there.

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