Aug. 20th, 2005

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Looks like [ profile] nou has been a good influence on me, at least in departments other than the going-to-bed-early one.

This one's terribly simple, I got it straight out of "A Wolf in the Kitchen" by Lindsey Bareham. Quantities, as always with my cooking, are approximate.

Potatoes, some. I used eight medium-small ones, boiled (slightly too much, I thought, but it seems to have worked out).
Eggs. Half a dozen.
Onions, one and a half large red. Diced.
Salt & black pepper, some. Chervil, dried, lots. The recipe says tabasco, but I didn't have any, so I just grabbed the first thing from the cupboard that went with eggs.
Um. That's it.

Boil the potatoes. Start the onions frying, then when they're about half done tip in the potatoes.

While they're on, crack the eggs into a large bowl (I used a ceramic casserole dish for these quantities) and whip them up with the seasonings. Leave to stand, then when the other half is edibly done tip it into the bowl and mix them all up a bit.

The oven should be warmed up by this point, at 150 Celsius or whatever that is in Foreign, and the dish (naturally) goes in there for ten or fifteen minutes. It's largely comprised of egg, so you'll be able to tell when it's Done.

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