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...wait, no, that's the worst setup for a joke I ever heard.

Image requested in the pub last night is here. Contains ewts and ferrets.

Robert Frost's poem I have been one acquainted with the night as referenced in conversation last night. [livejournal.com profile] ali_anarres managed to change my view on this one, it's not nearly as Prufrock as I thought.

And for your miscellaneous delectations and entertainment, The Oxford Hysteria of English Poetry by Adrian Mitchell.

Then Charles the Second swung down from the trees
And it was sexual medley time
And the only verses they wanted
Were epigrams an Chloe's breasts
But I only got published on the back of her left knee-cap.
Next came Pope and Dryden
So I went underground.
Don't mess with the Mafia.

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