Jun. 6th, 2010

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Not something I'd normally do, but have a Harry Potter fanfic recommendation, in which standard-issue whiny entitled Harry is replaced by a hyper-rational[1] child genius.

Warning: Chapter 7 contains something that looks like a character making a rape joke. Reading on, thank goodness, it's a highly serious plot moment and his interlocuter is disgusted with him. The entire section is, however, both potentially very triggering, and generally a bit upsetting. [Edit: Also an actual rape joke in Chapter 11, which consists of eminently skippable random non-canon bits for some inexplicable reason. Not plot justified. F, see me after class, &c.]

As a whole, the story is extremely funny in places, genuinely moving in others, and quite interesting throughout. Bear in mind that I am only on chapter 17, so cannot either guarantee the quality or issue warnings beyond that.

NB: This story is not for fans of Ron Weasley.

"I only want power so I can get books." (I feel a T-shirt coming on...)

[1] For "Less Wrong" values of hyper-rational. "Less Wrong" is a somewhat pretentious and very self-regarding website all about being cleverer than everyone else. Nevertheless, this Harry is an engaging character who may be somewhat familiar to Bujold fans.

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