May. 24th, 2007

mirrorshard: (Act V Scene 1) explores, briefly, how A Midsummer Night's Dream would have gone if the fairies had been Unseely rather than Seely fae.

Oberon. (laughing) Cruel Puck! Why hast thou ta’en this mortal’s head?

Puck. Because, my lord, he made no use of it
Himself; nor surfaced any fish of thought
Upon the poisoned waters of his brain.
Wherefore I judged it well abandoned, and,
As is my right should such be true, laid claim
To it as salvage.
mirrorshard: (Default)
An article in today's Guardian talks, in barely circuitous terms, about the Keogh/O'Connor case and what a judge told them they couldn't print.

We cannot even report - or link to - what Larry Miller, said about the trial and the document in his Letter from London for the American channel and website, CBS.

That letter would be here. I recommend reading it.

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