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Go through your music collection, pick out everything you have two different versions of, and play those. Not three, not more, only two.

Playlist files:

1. Clare Teal - Clare Teal - Messing With Fire (1) (2:54)
2. Clare Teal - Clare Teal - Messing With Fire (2) (3:19)
3. Clare Teal - Clare Teal - Moon River (3:07)
4. Audrey Hepburn - Moon River (1:35)
5. Dixie Chicks - Amazing Grace (1:48)
6. Louis Armstrong - Amazing Grace (2:02)
7. Ella Fitzgerald - Ella & Pops - Summertime (4:55)
8. Lady Day - Billie Holiday - Summertime (2:57)
9. John Lennon - Imagine (3:04)
10. Amos, Tori - Imagine (John Lennon Cover) (3:29)
11. Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun (2:24)
12. indigo girls - blister in the sun (violent femmes cover live) (2:51)
13. Joan Baez - House of the Rising Sun (2:55)
14. no artist - The Animals - The House of the Rising Sun (4:29)
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