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I don't really do Christmas, and don't send (or care about getting) Christmas cards, but I do make them for other people to send. If you give me a small amount of money (£1 per card for these coloured ones, digitally printed with a high-quality inkjet on good recycled card) then I will make you some. You'll need to supply your own envelopes, but the cards are A6 and will thus fit perfectly into standard C6 envelopes you can get anywhere.

This year's designs are below the cut. [Edit: Hanukkah cards have also been requested. I shall see what I can do tomorrow.]

The backs have my logo on, and the insides are blank.

I'm entirely happy to take requests for different text (including just "Merry Christmas" or "Season's Greetings" and so on), and I'll fill orders in any quantity. Can't guarantee a packet getting to you in time for you to post them out, but I'm willing to try, or if you're in London then we can arrange something else.
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