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I discovered last week that the heels on my good jackboots were coming off, so I picked a cobbler in Leytonstone and asked them to fix them up. Picking them up the next day, I took them home and left them in the corner as usual - then when I put them on to go for a walk the next day, I stood on a nail. Sticking right up through the sole.

Of course, I took them back and said "fix please, and can I have a refund, that could have been horribly dangerous". No, no refund, we can't do that, but we'll have it fixed for you tomorrow, promise.

When I went back in a few days - the earliest I could manage - I took care to feel inside them before taking them home this time. There was another nail sticking up through the sole of the other one, and the soles were smeared with glue where it had squidged out from under the heels. Really, what kind of self-respecting workman would let that happen once, let alone twice? The cobbler - or "cobbler" - looked at the nail, and messed around with a pair of pliers for a few minutes, and finally said "I'll have it fixed by tomorrow." Not a chance, mate. You screwed it up twice already, no third chances. I want a refund, and I'm taking these to someone else to fix.

Then I have to explain it all over again to someone else. "No, I want a refund. £5.50. I stood on a nail, and you botched the job twice." I'm the manager, and I promise you it will be sorted out this time. So what? I'm hardly going to be impressed by a place that can only do decent work when the manager tells them to, even if I were feeling charitable enough to give third chances.

I really am morally offended by people who can do work of that quality, and then hand it over to a paying customer without checking or caring. And who can do that twice in a row. I'm not sure whether it's worse to think of them as complete incompetents, or as cynical crap-mongers who rely on customers who won't insist on their money back.

So, I need recommendations for a new cobbler, who'll be willing to fix the botch job the first one did, and who knows how to treat boots right. Preferably one easily reached from Leytonstone, though I'm quite willing to travel if there's a good museum or gallery or cafe-with-company. Successful recommendations will be recompensed in the usual, ie. liquid, manner, and with many thanks.
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