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The "Guess the Geeky Haiku" Meme: pick 5-10 movies/shows/games/books. Using the 5-7-5 format, write a haiku for each. Have your friends try to guess what your haiku are about!

1. Spring; a half-closed eye.
Rabbits, tigers, counting rhymes.
Dry cup! Birds will fly.

2. Ruined by design -
such a picturesque vista!
Water tumbles fast.

3. Love burns; paper burns;
ash never turns to paper.
Birds fly and birds fall.

4. Need a sure-fire flop?
Just don't mention the war - oh.
Never mind. Good luck!

5. Summer grass, velvet,
silver chimes; gold speaks magic.
Truth, sight. Loneliness.

6. Poor people can't cook -
nobody can cook like me!
I shall write the book.

7. Rainbow-black feathers.
A sister, under the skin.
Can't resist watching.

8. Journeys, destinations;
It's all people, in the end.
Want to catch some ink?

9. Wise (and grumpy) crab;
dragon; white ape; therapist.
A sun? A child's toy!
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