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Our new greenhouse! It has a few panes missing, but a friendly neighbour on the allotment site has donated us some replacement panes (the right size, at that) and it will all be lovely when we've cleaned it up a bit. The picture links through to a set of photos, showing all the salient features of our allotment. We have a large and overgrown strawberry patch, a thicket of sage & fennel, two vegetable beds each 2x8m, a couple of square metres of raspberry canes, a group of currant bushes (red & black) and a little orchard with two apple trees, a pear tree, and a plum tree. The beds will take a bit of weeding, but not more than a few days' worth, and there's lots of long grass to cut.

We're planning on planting herbs & flowers in the orchard area, for a bit of companion planting to keep pests off the fruit. More flowers around the willow bower, and I'll have to strengthen it a bit more - there'll be enough withies and more coming off the top to add all the density we could ever want at the bottom, and we'll put in a loveseat and probably some solar-powered fairy lights. I'll have to experiment a bit with willow weaving, but in a few years it should have enough strength in it to keep off most of the rain, and to put in a shelf for a cup of tea.

Next job, establishing a new compost heap - the last tenant's heap has rotted down very nicely indeed - and filling it with weeds. After that, hedging! The site's got some lovely thorn hedges, and it's our responsibility to keep the hedge at the front of our own plot trimmed - it's been neglected almost as much as the willow has. When that's done, we can start working out how to remove the Enormous and Almost Certainly Verminous Sofa from the shed, and start clearing that up.
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