Jun. 27th, 2009 03:01 pm
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I would like to ask your advice, O wise and experienced people of LJ!

At the moment, I have a rather good satchel-style Targus laptop bag, with many useful pockets, that I use to organise and carry around Lots Of Things. It also functions, just about, for a weekend away. For larger needs, I have (what I'm fairly sure is) a 1972 pattern GS Bergen, which is to say a large green army surplus thing of more or less infinite capacity and more or less infinite lack of ergonomics.

I would like to replace both of these with a single smaller rucksack (for lack-of-back-and-shoulder-pain purposes), which should fulfill as many as possible of the following requirements.

  • As many pockets of varying sizes as possible, preferably including built-in pen loops and so on.
  • A capacious main pocket - large enough for a wash kit, a complete change of clothes, and a couple of good books.
  • Comfortable shoulder straps.
  • A hip belt. Chest belt is optional, but could also be useful. Must stay out of the way when not required.
  • External tiedown straps for sleeping bags and so on.
  • Usefully accessible side pockets.
  • Rainproof, or at least showerproof.
  • A built-in (or removable) padded 15.4" laptop compartment - I find the one I've got is useful for organising books even when I don't have my laptop with me.
  • No silly colours or really obtrusive branding.

What I'm mostly torn between, at the moment, is on the one hand getting a specialist laptop-case rucksack, for the organizational abilities, and on the other getting a good sturdy ramblesack for the space inside. I want one which will go anywhere with me and keep everything I need instantly available - I can potentially do this with extra containers inside, but that's a faff and less reliable.

The two exemplary cases I'm looking at so far are the Targus sport notebook backpack and the Berghaus Remote 30. (Also comes in 20 and 25 litre capacities, but I don't know yet which I want.)

If any of you can recommend something for these purposes, or comment on either of those, I would be extremely grateful.
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