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2010-02-02 08:00 pm
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[Geek] Blogger FTP changes

Turns out Google have decided to "change the way they support FTP publishing", which is to say they're going to stop supporting it. This means I have to migrate Eithin to a new platform - what they're suggesting is to use either a Blogger/Blogspot hosted one, or buy a special domain name for that-and-only-that.

Neither of which work for me; I have a perfectly good web host, with other things on it, and I actually quite like having code there. Since the web host provider gives me Fantastico for software, I can have Drupal, Mambo, Joomla, or Wordpress without any problems. I already have one Wordpress instance, for CIRW, so I'm not sure whether to go with that again (it's certainly better and easier to use than Blogger) or to migrate the currently-via-Blogger blog & a few standalone pages into a proper CMS which will then give me more of a platform to expand. Wordpress would be very well specified for what I'm currently doing, but I'm hesitant to either run two installations of it or deal with the hackery necessary to run two blogs from one.

I've never used any of the other three before, but I'm pretty good at this learning curve business. Obviously, I'm going to do some poking around, but since I have a fair few web geeks amongst my readers - do any of you have any opinions on these options, or suggestions of other things I haven't considered?
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2009-07-30 07:09 pm
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Things not to do while recovering from the flu...

...forget the sysop password for your wiki installation, and then realize it doesn't have an email address set, necessitating a bit of flailing around before a bit of mediawiki and mySQL hackery solves the problem in an unnecessarily convoluted way.

Much more of this, and I'll no longer be able to say that I don't even speak SQL.
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2009-07-21 01:49 pm

[Geek help] IM clients

I'm looking for an IM client for Windows - specifically for use with MSN. I don't use other services as it stands.

The reason I'd like a new one is because I often find the new-message notifications on the official MSN client really stressful and intrusive.

So if any of you know of a client that will notify me visually but without any flashing or flickering, and preferably in a nice nonstressful colour, I'd be very interested to hear about it.
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2009-06-11 12:05 am
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[Ask LJ] Twitter & social proprioception

After reading this, I'm getting tempted to start using Twitter myself.

Since I am a very cautious adopter, however (except when I pick something up early on, complain about it, and abandon it for something else) I am not going to do so just from that. I know a lot of you use it; what does it do that's unique and useful? And is there likely to be any benefit to anyone else from my being on it?

With most social networking tools, I tend to be about 95% listener and 5% talker. So the ambient-verbal-grooming thing Ellis describes is possibly not ideal for me. On the other hand, I have four blogs, a facebook, a del.icio.us page, my own Coppermine gallery, and a wiki, and I've wandered through more virtual worlds than most people have supermarkets, so I can hardly claim the Luddite high ground.
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2009-03-12 07:43 pm
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[Geek advice] Web hosting

My current hosting package is due to run out in a while, and I've been thinking about upgrading elsewhere. Currently I'm using 123-reg's simplest hosting package, but that doesn't let me run anything complex, and I have for quite some time now been wanting to host my own wiki. (I'd prefer Mediawiki, but other engines are entirely possible, and yes, I do want to have it on a server, or at least "server", I control if at all possible.)

Something that will talk directly to gmail, instead of my needing to forward mail through a third account, would also be nice.

Do any of you have recommendations to make? Or indeed disrecommendations?
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2009-02-01 09:54 pm
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[Geek] Unofficial RSS feeds with Dapper

(Not Dapper Drake: unfortunate namespace collision. A contraction of "data mapper".)

Dapper is a website which handles screen-scraping sensibly, taking several pages and parsing them to extract the static and dynamic data. It can export these as XML, RSS feeds, or data/components for any number of popular web2.0 services.

The reason I ended up playing around with this was after getting annoyed with Tor.com's annoyingly arsy attitude towards RSS feeds - they provide one, with everything in, instead of adding a feed for the particular author or tag you're interested in. However, since they're aiming to be a "focal point for SF fandom", they pile together book re-reads, discussions of last night's $TV_Show, advice to authors, fananism, artblogging, and Weird Stuff They Found on the Internet all in one, and it's pretty spammy.

I like reading weird things as much as anyone, but since I don't have the time to wade through everything (and, admittedly, partly on principle) I set up a "dapp" to sort the posts by author and RSS me links & contracted text. For instance, this is the dapp created from this page, and the (first parts of the) individual posts just show up in my RSS reader.
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2008-02-29 06:26 pm
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Joy unbounded!

Finally, I have connectivity again. On Monday afternoon, my laptop power cable finally gave up the ghost - it had been getting progressively more and more picky about actually providing any power, up to the point where I had to spend five minutes jiggling it about and physically forcing it in to find a position where it would work. Every time. So I opened the DC jack up to look inside, and it turned out that one of the wires had physically snapped. No wonder it was getting warm...
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Other than that, my life has been entirely dull whilst offline. What've I missed? What should I be doing any time soon?
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2008-02-12 12:35 am
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OS geekery

I finally got tired enough of not having a proper programming environment that I decided to switch to Linux. I've now:
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2005-11-18 01:17 pm
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Geek communication

Many of my readers are geeks themselves, and I'm quite prepared to admit that I am too. The ramifications of the ways geeks and non-geeks communicate with each other rather interest me, so I trust you'll forgive my rambling on the subject for awhile.

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