Mar. 12th, 2009

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On the evening of the 26th of March, [ profile] sashagoblin and I are running a play reading in Westminster Arts Reference Library - originally scheduled as part of LGBT History Month, but various exigencies meant we had to change date & venue.

There's an open-access Facebook event here, for those of you who use Facebook. Sadly, the venue is not wheelchair accessible - it's a Victorian building with three flights of stairs, and we're at the top. It's not ideal, but it's the venue we've got.

This is in some senses a hilariously bad play, consisting mostly of entirely un-dubious language and arbitrary plot developments, and in others it's really good. It's a political satire with bisexuality and dancing demons!

The original script is here, and the PDF version I've prepared to use on the evening is here.
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My current hosting package is due to run out in a while, and I've been thinking about upgrading elsewhere. Currently I'm using 123-reg's simplest hosting package, but that doesn't let me run anything complex, and I have for quite some time now been wanting to host my own wiki. (I'd prefer Mediawiki, but other engines are entirely possible, and yes, I do want to have it on a server, or at least "server", I control if at all possible.)

Something that will talk directly to gmail, instead of my needing to forward mail through a third account, would also be nice.

Do any of you have recommendations to make? Or indeed disrecommendations?

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