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2009-07-21 01:49 pm

[Geek help] IM clients

I'm looking for an IM client for Windows - specifically for use with MSN. I don't use other services as it stands.

The reason I'd like a new one is because I often find the new-message notifications on the official MSN client really stressful and intrusive.

So if any of you know of a client that will notify me visually but without any flashing or flickering, and preferably in a nice nonstressful colour, I'd be very interested to hear about it.
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2009-06-27 03:01 pm
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I would like to ask your advice, O wise and experienced people of LJ!

At the moment, I have a rather good satchel-style Targus laptop bag, with many useful pockets, that I use to organise and carry around Lots Of Things. It also functions, just about, for a weekend away. For larger needs, I have (what I'm fairly sure is) a 1972 pattern GS Bergen, which is to say a large green army surplus thing of more or less infinite capacity and more or less infinite lack of ergonomics.

I would like to replace both of these with a single smaller rucksack (for lack-of-back-and-shoulder-pain purposes), which should fulfill as many as possible of the following requirements.
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2007-05-07 05:30 pm
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Lazyweb request: Websites

I've decided that I want a website of my own, in addition to the collection of Web 2.0 crap I've collected. (A more verbose explanation of reasons will be forthcoming later.) Nominet were quite helpful in explaining how things worked, but now I need to ask for a recommendation for domain name registry & web hosting. Disrecommendations would also be much appreciated, if anyone feels the need.

I want cheap & fairly reliable - I don't need massive amounts of storage or secure server access.

Thanks in advance!
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2007-03-13 12:16 am
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Lazyweb - recommendation for cobbler wanted

I discovered last week that the heels on my good jackboots were coming off, so I picked a cobbler in Leytonstone and asked them to fix them up. Picking them up the next day, I took them home and left them in the corner as usual - then when I put them on to go for a walk the next day, I stood on a nail. Sticking right up through the sole.
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So, I need recommendations for a new cobbler, who'll be willing to fix the botch job the first one did, and who knows how to treat boots right. Preferably one easily reached from Leytonstone, though I'm quite willing to travel if there's a good museum or gallery or cafe-with-company. Successful recommendations will be recompensed in the usual, ie. liquid, manner, and with many thanks.