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Somhairle Kelly ([personal profile] mirrorshard) wrote2014-11-17 06:52 pm

December Days

If you give me topics in the comments, I will attempt to write about them. Because "every day" is a bit much for me, I'm going to put up 15 slots, and a further 10 as stretch goals, ie. for if I end up with writing energy left over when I've done the first set.

1. Art & science
2. Being a Quaker
3. Conversation
4. Is the trend towards urbanisation sustainable?
5. Trying to balance multiple factors in self-care (inspired by Soylent)
6. How I define artistic success, and how the gap between that and others' notions affect my art
7. Universal Basic Income
8. Interesting things in Derby

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[personal profile] liv 2014-11-17 10:32 pm (UTC)(link)
That's a really good idea, I really like the way people are still doing the meme and modifying it as appropriate if they can't commit to every day for a month. I would like to hear your thoughts about conversation, if that's not too meta. What makes a really good conversation for you, online or in person?

[personal profile] ewt 2014-11-18 09:26 am (UTC)(link)
Here are a few topics I'd be interested in, though feel free to reject them:

1) A default trend of humanity seems (to me) to be toward urbanisation. Ultimately, is this sustainable? How?

2) Inspired by Soylent and other meal-replacement schemes: trying to balance multiple factors in self-care. (As someone who loves to cook and to eat real food, but also has multiple disabilities, I am both horrified and enticed by the idea of some kind of complete food pill; but if you don't want to write about Soylent there are loads of similar issues with other technologies.)

3) Lots of conferences etc. seem dominated by people with good ideas who somehow got lucky and reached some capitalist-defined version of "success", usually being popular or solvent or both. How do you define artistic success, and how does any gap between this and others' assumed notions of success affect your art?

4) Universal Basic Income: good/bad/mixed? Why?