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2006-08-19 02:11 pm
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Went to a concert the other night, with Emma (my sister, wi' no LJ) - probably the longest time we'd spent just the two of us in years. Shooglenifty, at the Famous Spiegeltent, which is to say folkadelica (with banjo and mandolin) in a Victorian-styled takedown venue, all dark wood and mirrors inside. (Emma, who used to work in a large circus, says it's much easier and simpler to put up or take down than a standard Big Top.)
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2006-08-17 10:32 pm
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Bleep'n'Grind - reviews!

The show's going well - very well, in fact, we've been given a four-star review by the National Student magazine, and three stars by the Scotsman, here (registration wall, I use and recomment Bugmenot).

Choice quotation from the latter: "too silly and simplistic to take very seriously [...] by far the strangest show I've seen this year, and that's saying something." Being able to hand out fliers around Edinburgh with the tagline, Strangest thing the Scotsman's seen all year, is priceless.

In other news, I seem to be developing a disturbing fondness for Smirnoff Ice. Probably due to i) the Smirnoff-sponsored venues not selling proper beer, and ii) my having an official company pass which, in addition to giving me free entry to any show at the Underbelly and sister venues, gives me a small amount of money off drinks at their bars.

Edited in: here are some photos from backstage. I haven't been taking pictures of the performance, partly because my phone-camera doesn't deal too well with sharp gradients in light levels, and partly because I apparently can't suppress the shutter sound. We'll see what we can do.
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2006-08-15 03:39 pm

Edinburgh, part 1

Things I've done in Edinburgh so far, let's see... mostly I've been wandering around and getting to know the city, which of course involves finding the good pubs.
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2006-08-15 02:44 pm
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To Glasgow, eventually

I'm in Edinburgh, having fun about half the time, and let's see what I can do by way of highlights for my first week or so in Scotland.
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