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2007-01-26 05:57 pm
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Ramayana, part II

I plan on booking tickets on Monday evening to see a version of the Ramayana at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, as discussed previously. (Use the tag to see the posts.)

Everyone who replied last time was fine with going on Tuesday 13th February, so I'll book for then. [livejournal.com profile] gnillot has already confirmed, anyone else, please comment before Monday evening! Tickets are £9 each and it's a 19:30 start.
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2007-01-20 10:31 pm
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Theatre trip to see the Ramayana

When I was at the Lyric Hammersmith today, I picked up a flyer for their production of the Ramayana, which is on from the 9th of February to the 10th of March. It's always been a favourite story of mine (faith, beauty, hope, and above all love - and a thousand monkeys!) and I'm really excited at the chance to see it on stage.

The Lyric's a beautiful theatre, too, a Matcham theatre restored from the original moulds and rebuilt inside modern infrastructure. Everything I've seen there has been very good indeed.

I'd be absolutely delighted to have company for a trip there, and there are several good restaurants nearby. If we book for the 10th, 12th, 13th, or 14th of February (Saturday and Monday to Wednesday) tickets are only £9 for anywhere in the house. If anyone's interested and we can agree on a date, I'll deal with bookings. It's an evening performance, 19:30 start, and I don't have a preference for which day as yet.
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2005-04-22 06:41 am

The Sitayana, or, Sita Sings The Blues

I posted awhile back about a scanned-in comic book version of the Ramayana[1], and today I found - via http://www.boingboing.net/ - that American cartoonist Nina Paley is making an animated musical version, much shorter, giving Sita's side of the story. Free to download, though very slow if you watch them online. I'm downloading the torrents now, and what I've seen so far is absolutely completely and utterly wonderful.

Original site, complete with explanations for those of you not familiar with the Ramayana: http://www.ninapaley.com/Sitayana/

A Sepia Mutiny post giving links to the torrent files: http://www.sepiamutiny.com/sepia/archives/001393.html

[1] http://www.livejournal.com/users/mirrorshard/13780.htm
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2004-11-27 07:41 pm

The Ramayana online

I've always loved the Ramayana of Valmiki, ever since I read a Fontana translation at the age of 7 or so. This is a wonderful comic book version.


And the Boing Boing post with background material.