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The Royal Society have thrown their archives open to world + dog online, as The Register says. They're available here. [Edited: This offer is only open till December 2006, so getcher history of science while you can.]

This is, pretty much, the entire history of science in the UK for hundreds of years.

I can't hope to pick the best for you, but here's a small sample of interesting things I found looking through.

From Volume 1, 1665-1666:

An account of mercury mining in Germany.

An account of Mr Boyle's Experimental History of Cold, in two parts. This isn't the history itself, it's a press release all about the wonderful things that would be in his next book.

Hooke rips a critic of his work on opticks a new one.

A way to break easily and speedily the hardest rocks. With free observations upon monstrosities.

Observables in the body of the Earl of Balcarres. His kidneys filled with a kind of grumous blood.

Of the Nature of a Certain Stone, Found in the Indies, in the Head of a Serpent.

A Way of Preserving Ice and Snow by Chaffe. After six months, reduced by maybe 10%.

Some observations of vipers.

A New Frigorifick Experiment Shewing, How a Considerable Degree of Cold May be Suddenly Produced without the Help of Snow, Ice, Haile, Wind, or Niter, and That at Any Time of the Year. This one's from the esteemed Mr Boyle again.

Inquiries for Turky - your cultural and culinary distinctiveness will belong to us.

There may be more from other volumes later.
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