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So, I did this survey a while ago.

Actually, when I say I did it, it was carried out by an alternate-universe version of myself, in the parallel branch where I decided actually to do the work, but nothing else changed. To be precise, by selves in an infinite number of alternate universes. And since everything is possible in the infinite multiplicity of infinite worlds, an infinite number of those selves were also genius inventors, and beamed the results of the survey over to me (and an infinite number of other selves who hadn't done the work) so here we are.

Or would be, if they hadn't all got slightly different results.

Not that that matters, because an infinite number of other genius-inventor selves also decided to use this technology to broadcast persistent musical earworms instead.

So the results consist, apparently, of a really complex Fourier transform.

What do we learn from this? - that in the final analysis, which is in this case much the same as the most cursory application of common sense, multiverse theory is to all intents and purposes total bollocks.

But it still makes more sense than this particular pile of foetid shite. (Warning: that site is a nearly-TVTropes-grade memetic hazard.)
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