Dec. 11th, 2005


Dec. 11th, 2005 05:55 am
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Normally, crashes just after helping your newbie alt join a guild would be irritating, but this is just priceless.

Granny Weatherwax tells you: To be a witch you must learn three things:
Granny Weatherwax tells you: One, to know what's real.
Granny Weatherwax tells you: Two, to know what's not,
Granny Weatherwax tells you: and three, to know the difference.
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From the Observer today, we learn that "[c]ampaigners are demanding that the government honour the death of Britain's final First World War veteran with a state funeral, the first since that of Sir Winston Churchill 40 years ago."

Which is all very well, but not only is the poor chap not yet dead, but there are eleven of them still alive. That's eleven known about, of course - and "there is no official list of the old soldiers, and disagreement over whether the status of 'veteran' should be accorded to anyone who wore uniform or only those who saw action". All terribly hazy and farcical.

The prize quote from the article is this, though - "But while it has earned support in some quarters, the First World War Veterans Association said it would prefer its members to be celebrated while still alive."

For the definitive view on this sort of thing, of course, we must perforce turn to Rudyard Kipling. Read more... )

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