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As many of you know, I make & sell Christmas cards, and these are some of last year's designs; I'll be doing some new ones, but the holly leaf and at least one of the carols will be staying in the mix. (For those of you who got some, or one, last year these won't look precisely the same; I need to re-do the images for the professional print process, since I designed them to go through my own photo printer.)
Christmas cards, 2010
The cards are A6, made from matte white 100% recycled stock. The backs have my logo on, and the insides are blank for your own message. Since I do fine art printmaking, this disclaimer is important: these are not original art, like linocuts or giclee prints. They're just pieces of coloured paper like any other non-handmade Christmas card.

Since costs have gone up a bit, I'll be asking £1.20 per card (no minimum order) or 20 for £20, with £1.50 p&p if we can't meet up to hand them over in person. Unlike last year, I'll also include appropriately coloured recycled envelopes at no extra charge.

I'm entirely happy to do custom artwork, so long as you don't mind those being offered to other people too; if you want one with your name on it or something similar, I'd probably ask a bit extra. As regards licensing, all the digital artwork will be going up under CC:BY, but I reserve the rights to the finished print-ready files made from it.

What I'll also be doing for the first time this year is offering digital downloads - £5 will get you a print-quality PDF with two different card designs on (your choice from the standard range), for you to print out at home or take to a printer in your area, and you can print & send as many as you like from that. (If you want, you can even colour them in or add glitter and sparkles!)

I accept payment by PayPal, bank transfer, cash, artwork, food, or good beer.
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It's September, and therefore high time for are-people-talking-about-Christmas-already?-bah-humbug season.

I make & sell Christmas cards, and can happily supply you with some to send to your friends, relatives, coworkers, archenemies, or complete strangers, at the bargain rate of £1 per card, or 20 for £18 plus p&p if I need to mail them. These are digitally printed on high-quality matte stock (Fabriano Ecologica: acid-free, 100% recycled, very white, and made in Italy using hydroelectric power) with pigment inks. The back has my logo on, and the insides are blank for your own message. They're A6 when folded, so they fit perfectly into standard C6 envelopes.

I'm happy to do versions with custom text on, and I'll probably be posting at least one more design over the next month or so—please post suggestions in the comments, and I won't take any of those as commitments to order some unless you say so. There's no minimum order, and I'm happy to mix designs in any way you like. If any of you are interested in hand-printed woodblock or linocut cards instead, let me know in the comments and I'll try and work up a design; they're likely to work out between two and four times the price of the digital ones.

three more designs below the fold )


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