Aug. 31st, 2011 05:02 pm
mirrorshard: (The Book of Rainbows)
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So, that went well. Very well, in fact.

I was in charge of the lighting board for the 1400-capacity Concert Stage (a large blackout marquee) and [personal profile] mostlyacat was my deputy, which worked well for both of us. He picked up board op skills very quickly - it helps that he's an engineer, used to computer equipment, and has a pretty good eye for visual arts.

I was seriously impressed by how casual and trusting the organisers were with us - basically, the Stage Electrics contractors (Rebecca and Suzi) programmed in a few presets and showed us what was where, and left us to decide how to light everything entirely for ourselves. I'd been expecting a more formal setup, with cues programmed in for particular artists & songs, so this was a pleasant surprise.

People & groups I lit over the weekend, whom I'd already heard of: Home Service; Spiers & Boden (who performed New York Girls as their encore!); the Spooky Men's Chorale; Coope, Boyes, & Simpson; Emily Portman; Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick.

Ditto, whom I'd never heard of but can recommend: Tyde; Red Hippo; Moore, Moss, Rutter; David Ferrard (Scottish/American singer-songwriter); Kate Rowe (kooky, melodic, catchy Australian singer-songwriter); Saltfishforty. (More details about all of those can be found linked from here.)

Things I learnt about lighting music (and specifically folk) rather than theatre: musicians like to see their audience from time to time; stewards get very upset when you turn the house lights off entirely; it's not necessary to try and hide sausagemaking things from the audience; the Spooky Men dislike being lit in green, despite it being the spookiest colour; lighting music on the fly needs even more empathy than lighting theatre.

Things I acquired over the weekend: two new T-shirts, both direct from the artists. This one from Karen Cater at Hedingham Fair, and one from Martin Butler at Elixir Sue. (No direct image; website uses too much weirdshite.) Also: a professional-quality recording of [personal profile] merrythebard singing "Young Hunting", which I thought would make a good birthday present. It did.

Something else I acquired over the weekend: an incredibly persistent earworm of Kate Rowe singing "Space Rabbits of Brocklevoons". Here, you should have it too!

If you'd rather have some social-justice folk, here's Home Service singing "Alright Jack" at Cropredy 2011.

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