Mar. 4th, 2010

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Ada, Ada,
Give me your blueprints, do!
I will trade ya
Helium, canvas, and glue!
It might be a risky project
But I for one won't OB-ject
For you'll look swell
Within the shell
Of a zeppelin built for two.
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[ profile] mirabehn and I will be at Odyssey 2010, staying in the convention hotel. I'm presenting a talk at 5pm on Sunday, on "Information Decay and Archiving", looking at (among other things) the ways information tries to escape, and the tradeoffs involved. It's clashing with a couple of things I would have wanted to go to, but that's always the way...

The draft programme is up here, thanks to [ profile] watervole.

Who else will we see there?

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