Nov. 19th, 2008

mirrorshard: (Rose Theatre)
Further to the poll here, I have Decided that Thursday 4th December is the best day for as many people as possible, given considerations.

If you'd like to join me then, please comment and I'll book a ticket. I can book a maximum of five tickets, but I'd be entirely delighted if other people also want to come along and book theirs.

Food will be happening at some point before or afterwards, and company would be entirely lovely.
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Historically, criminalizing particular activities has been quite easy to get around. One of the classic mechanisms for evading this has been to supply said activity as a completely free adjunct to some harmless entertainment... oh, by the way, there's a £50 cover charge. I recall reading about theatrical performances put on for people to enjoy, entirely gratis and purely casually, while they consumed a surprisingly expensive box of chocolates.

And this will help to further institutionalize the definitely-not-a-brothel model where the house collects the money and lets a little of it trickle down.

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