Jun. 11th, 2007

mirrorshard: (London 2012)
From the Guardian: Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has told the Metropolitan police authority that, as things stand, foreign police may have to be deployed with their guns in unprecedented numbers to keep watch over the dignitaries and elite sportsmen.

Aren't we going to be the lucky ones. Not just our own home-grown firearms officers, but foreign ones too. I'm sure we'll all feel so much safer for it.

Personally, I figure I'll be feeling safer on the other side of the country.


Jun. 11th, 2007 01:47 pm
mirrorshard: (The Angels Have The Phone Box)
Well, mostly. Have also just had a phone call from my father, reminding me that the ABTT Tradeshow is on this week, Wednesday & Thursday at the Royal Horticultural Hall, with the new year's crop of shiny things in the exciting and very shiny field of theatre technology. And that there'll be a corporate ticket for me on the desk.

ION, my sister's theatre company - Cloud Cuckoo Land - are applying for grant money to put on experimental theatre at the Barbican. If the application succeeds, they get 'enough to rehearse in comfort' and one performance there; if they're the best then they get an 11-day run.

Wish them luck with the application, and we'll courteously refrain on the night.

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