Dec. 30th, 2005

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Craig Murray, UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, repeatedly tried to make the Foreign & Commonwealth Office aware that the regime there practised the widespread use of torture to obtain false confessions. His information was dismissed and he was shut out of the loop on the issue. Recently, both Jack Straw and Tony Blair have explicitly denied that the UK government is complicit in, or even aware of, torture.

Really, this is absurd. Using information obtained by torture isn't just morally wrong, and illegal under the UN Convention on Torture, it's stupid. Our government is selling out our honour, integrity, common sense, and national security for a pile of extremely dodgy intel provided by a bunch of repressive antidemocratic thugs for their own purposes.

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And with a day and a half left to go, we have yet another family member in hospital - my father this time, with what might be a very mild stroke. Apparently there are no symptoms other than memory loss, and that's returning.

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