Dec. 4th, 2005


Dec. 4th, 2005 03:29 pm
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Courtesy, as so many good things are, of [ profile] hellison - things I'm good at. Qualifications and self-effacement, as the rules demand, have been ruthlessly excised.
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Er [ profile] owlfish ges i hyn.

Your own Branch of the Welsh Mabinogi by peredur_glyn
What is it you seek?
Your catchphrase?
You're the bastard child of...endless_change
Your horse is called...fabricati_diem
You seek the help of:sleetersoulfire
Who shuns you, so you...Put them in a bag and beat them with sticks
In turn you are turned into a...Goat
And your family wreaks mistaken revenge on...rillaith
Your half-brother then...Ruins your funky "sacks of flour" display
And your new spouse reveals themselves to be...raggedrags
Who swiftly dies of ...A poisoned javelin in the eye. It's not pretty.
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