Jan. 2nd, 2010 04:51 pm
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As many of you know, I keep two other blogs - Eithin, for art & design (both showcasing my own work and commenting on others'), and Cold Iron & Rowan-Wood, for SF & fantasy reviews and rambling discussions.

What I don't have on either is any kind of useful blogroll, so I would like to solicit your assistance, O my friends. If you have a blog or a portfolio/gallery/archive/promotional site you'd like me to link to, please put the name & URL in one or the other box below (or both, if it's relevant to both - or if you're unsure which, put it in the Eithin box) and I shall link to it. Unless I don't, but I probably will. Only sites you write for, please, unless it's your child or partner or something and they don't read this journal. I've set the poll results to be hidden, so don't worry about people (other than me) being able to associate your LJ and URL from it.

[Poll #1506283]
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