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Just a reminder for those of you who may not have seen it that I'm planning a combined picnic and Midsummer Night's Dream readthrough on July 11th, in probably-Finsbury-Park but possibly somewhere else. There's a poll here>, and if you'd like to come and haven't filled it in please do so soonish.

I haven't done any firm casting, so nobody is in with much more of a chance at any given role than anyone else. (Unless it's Puck - if you want to play Puck instead of me, you're going to have to talk damn fast.) I already have far too many good actors who would be astounding at the roles, so a bit more pain of indecision won't hurt, and I want to see all of you. Preferably all playing everything, but we must confine ourselves to practicalities.

I'm not going to have any spare crash space, but on the other hand it's going to be very much an early-afternoon affair (figuring on starting by 14:00) and the odds are high that in the event it's needed someone in London will have a few square feet.
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