Jun. 11th, 2007 01:47 pm
mirrorshard: (The Angels Have The Phone Box)
[personal profile] mirrorshard
Well, mostly. Have also just had a phone call from my father, reminding me that the ABTT Tradeshow is on this week, Wednesday & Thursday at the Royal Horticultural Hall, with the new year's crop of shiny things in the exciting and very shiny field of theatre technology. And that there'll be a corporate ticket for me on the desk.

ION, my sister's theatre company - Cloud Cuckoo Land - are applying for grant money to put on experimental theatre at the Barbican. If the application succeeds, they get 'enough to rehearse in comfort' and one performance there; if they're the best then they get an 11-day run.

Wish them luck with the application, and we'll courteously refrain on the night.
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